MAY 4th to 9th – WORK WEEK HAS BEGUN.  This week at Bethel Park Retreat Center the crews are here and we are workin.  Its good to see everyone that could make it.  Schedules are tight for everyone, but we are glad for those who are so faithful to Bethel Park and take the time to come.  Work this year centers around the Pop Stand or the Concession Stand.  The regular staff at Bethel Park had started working on the remodel/renovations about a month ago and now we are ready for the major stuff to begin.  They will be adding windows, changing the look mainly on the inside.  As well as working on the grounds, the landscaping and taking out a few trees here and there.  Check out todays pictures at: http://www.flickr.com/photos/fobpm/ and check out http://www.flickr.com/photos/fobpm/sets/72157615647733448/ for popstand renovations.  More on this is coming as the week progresses. Enjoy the pictures.

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More pictures were added today from the last 3 days…Check them out at http://www.flickr.com/photos/fobpm/page2/



We have another way for everyone to see different aspects of Bethel Park.  We have created a Flickr account which will contain all of our photos.  Included in this account will be photo’s from groups, projects and we will also provide you, our friends, to email our account pictures that you want to share with other FoBPM.

To view these pictures, either click here or copy this link in your browser:  http://www.flickr.com/photos/fobpm/sets/72157615935639922/

If you want to share photo’s with the rest of our group, please email the pictures to this address:  weds30egg@photos.flickr.com  After you send the picture to the address specified, please also send an email to staff@bpcamp.com and identify what the pictures are about and names of people in it.   We will create a ‘set’ called FoBPM Scrapbook where we call all view these pictures.  Since there are none yet, the set has not been created.

We hope you enjoy this.

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What’s Happening?


As usual there is a lot happening at Bethel Park.  We have had a very busy schedule this year.  We would like April and May to be a bit more booked but we will rejoice in what we do have.


Our most recent project has been the popstand renovation.  After 60 years there will be a bathroom in it.  What a luxury that will be.  We have listened to our supporters and clients.

Stay tuned for we hope to keep you updated via this Blog.

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Hello ALL!!!!

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We are very excited to Blog about Bethel Park.  Everyone is invited to participate in discussions that relate to Bethel Park Retreat Center.   Since this is new to us and we are also doing our other blog here, it will take some time to get acquainted to this new system.

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